Bespoke Displayport Manufacturing Solution

All types of display ports are carefully manufactured from concept to completion. Koincable accepts DisplayPort designs and specifications,

drawings or a copy of the item to create a bespoke manufacturing DisplayPort solution to match your exacting requirements.


Plug-and-Play Solution

Koincable manufactures and distributes integrated DisplayPort cables and connectors. We provide two connector types for DisplayPort-equipped devices: DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort.

  • Displayport-standard-connector


    The DisplayPort connectors from Koincable are usually found on desktop computers and large display devices.

  • Mini-displayport-connector

    Mini DisplayPort

    The Mini DisplayPort connector is smaller, fitting in a space-constrained area such as at the connection point for Macbook.

AWG 24 ~ 36, Flexible Design

Built to fit in critical applications and long distance transport of high resolution, Koincable DisplayPort cables are manufactured by various gauge wires that provide specific toughness and durability.

Wire gauge influences data transmission by different corss-sectional area that allows signals with higher data rates. Koincable understands your requirement, and provide 24 ~ 36 AWG available.

Premium Materials

Koincable HDMI cables are made only with premium quality materials. The PVC jacket material provides flexibility and durability so it bends and folds easily - no matter where the device is set up.

Plastic housing was built for easy grip while the connectors plug in easily, and of course, you can have a specific order. Materials inside and outside are 100% customized.

  • Selectable Materials Copper / Aluminum / Silver / Gold / Tin...
  • Jacket & Dielectric Materials PVC

Multi-Stream Applications

Koincable’s DisplayPort covers all popular port versions and extension to the standard, offering many possibilities of cable applications. With uptime updated speed, our version benefits from multiple monitor support from a desktop or notebook computer, and Display USB functions such as webcam.

With flexible selection on versions, Koincable DisplayPort is a truly open, flexible, extensible multimedia interconnect standard that is applicated in the PC, notebook and display markets.