Quality Material Starts It All

WThe idea of producing quality USB Cables is far-fetched when quality is not keenly observed and strictly implemented at the very beginning. How well a product turns out aesthetically, structurally and functionally at the end all depends on the quality of its starting materials.

All electrical connecting cables, be it HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, USB Type C cables, essentially have two major components: 1) the cable and 2) the connector. All material constituents of these two parts, therefore - including the wires, the conductor housing (shell), the terminals, plastic, etc. - undergo stringent raw material inspection programs with precisely defined test parameters and acceptance criteria.

Cable and connector qualities are verified during this stage by the material staff (picking member) via visual inspections, with additional dimensions testing for the cable, either by using rulers, roll meters (tape measures) or OD (outside diameter)-measuring apparatuses. All the in-process test results obtained are then verified by the process group leader.

  • Conductor Shell
  • Wire
  • Quality-cable-materials

Cable Arrange

This is a crucial process which guarantees the stable performance of our cables. Our skilled cable experts have an eye for detail and ensure all wires are processed to standard dimensions for perfect appearance and functions.

We assure a precise cutting with the relative error of determination being ±1-2mm, with all-round fabrics and core. All the incisions remain clean and even.

  • Wire Cutting
  • Braid & Spiral
  • Shrink Tube Heating.
  • Cable-shrink-tube-heating
  • Cable-wire-braiding
  • Cable-spiral-arrangement


To ensure smooth data transmission, Koincable leverages fully automatic crimping machines to offer ideal processing solutions for high-speed wire crimping. The function and appearance of solder joints will meet industry standard.

  • Metal Shield Crimping
  • Stripping Off Jacket
  • Cable-crimping
  • Stripping-off-cable-jacket

Soldering & Molding

Soldering & molding is either handmade or automatically finished by our state-of-the-art machines. We want to provide our customers with the best without any defects, that’s why a soldering joint must appear to be completely integrated and have no welding residue. This procedure is completed by accurate location and tests.

  • Wire Soldering
  • Solder Joints Check
  • Molding
  • Shield Soldering
  • Cable-shield-soldering
  • Connector-molding
  • Cable-soldering-machine


We believe that "good enough" is only the stepping stone to excellence. Before packaging, our team assembles all parts of our products, strictly adhering to SOP/SIP and Engineering DWG.

  • Assembling
  • Packaging


After-sales service is an integral part of our product’s lifecycle. We make sure your product is ready to be treated with care, shipped, and delivered on time.

Koincable’s team provides repair, logistics and technology support. Reliability is the key to everything we do.