USB Cables

Custom-Built USB Cable Assemblies

Working directly with USB cable materials suppliers, Koinable is able to manufacture custom made USB data cable with different
connectors like usb cable type a to a, lengths, colors and brand label.


Customized Port to HD Source Devices

Koincable holds a large range of electronic USB connectors in stock so that we can provide you with a high service level and short lead-times. Together with our technical expertise and over 13 years of cable production experience, we also provide fully customized connector solutions for big or small businesses.

  • USB-type-A-connector

    Type A

    We provide USB Type A ports that are applicated on almost any computer-like device that can act as a USB host.

  • USB-type-B-connector

    Type B

    USB Type B ports are most commonly found on larger computer devices like printers and scanners.

  • Mini-USB-connector

    Mini B

    The Mini-B is designed for some digital cameras.

  • Micro-type-B-connector

    Micro Type B

    Being slightly smaller than the Mini, The Micro-B USB is one of Koincable's popular products for current smartphones and tablets.

Competency-based AWG Options

The gauge rating of a USB cable can now be customized, if your project needs to extend over a significant difference. With that in mind, it is vital to study your project and consider what particular cable features you require and the length of the USB cable before concerning about AWG ratings.

Optional Materials from the Best

The metals, PVC and TPE that make up USB products are carefully chosen for durability, safety, and energy-saving, but also for their environmental impact. Manufacturing can be a serious business so Koincable seeks out materials that are innovating to solve your problem.

  • PVC Material PVC can be made resistant to a wide range of chemicals including oils, acids, and alkalis, and is tough, durable and resistant to abrasion.
  • TPE Material Excellent colorability and a lower density, very suitable for high-volume injection molding and extrusion. They can also be reclaimed and recycled.

Versions That Matters

USB Version is a necessary point when custom your USB project. Koincable offers USB 2.0 and 3.0 for your project. While USB 3.0 is even better, USB 2.0 is still internationally the most compatible option, and Koincable can fulfill your requirements.

USB 2.0: A critical innovation that ushered in a new age of expected speed and accuracy for syncing devices.
USB 3.0: Improved data transfer and charging speeds.